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Marysville Food Bank Getting Rid of Food Addiction With Subliminal Messages, What if I said that it is NOT your fault that you’re enslaved by food? What if you found out that the foodstuff companies you trust, are purposely altering their food with techniques that create addiction? What if I also said that junk food, even some which are being passed off as health foods are as addictive as cocaine or nicotine, and so are causing widespread compulsive eating? Well, do you know what, I am telling you that. This is not a misprint. You are reading what I am saying accurately. Foods with chemical additives are causing you to be enslaved by eating.

The episode that aired on April 26, 2011 was primarily structured around, what Ms. McCarty calls “shame and anger reduction.” The show began with each client uncovering and addressing their childhood trauma. As I have stated repeatedly, family dysfunction could be the root cause of addiction. So, I wasn’t surprised to understand that all single participant ended up either mistreated or abused as child. I concur with Ms. McCarty that family dysfunction is the foundation. However, I vehemently disagree with the shame and anger reduction method she uses to help you participants overcome it. It’s no secret that a lot of people who are addicted do have a problem with issues of shame and anger. But, the answer is not to stoke the hearth or perpetuate it. On a positive note, the clients were motivated to confront their parent or parents in the ceremonial way, which I believe is critical. But, I would recommend a much more direct, in person method. Strangely, the anger that surfaced on account of the parental confrontation was re-directed towards striking pads, screaming, and controlled shoving with staff members, which for me is counterproductive and in many cases dangerous. Sure, the participants can experience some freedom and/or emotional rest from this exercise, but that will be short-lived. Without question, these souls are angry at their abusers, and who is able to blame them to the. But, the solution is just not to perpetuate that anger but to dissolve it. Authentic anger dissolution could only be accomplished by learning to calmly and confidently speak one’s will and, ultimately, take back one’s personal power. When this is achieved, the need for anger dissipates! As an example, Amy, a thirty-five yr old compulsive overeater, was sexually abused by her step-father and verbally abused by her mother. As a result, Amy uses food to manage her emotional distress and guilt. Based on her testimony on the April 26th episode, when she said mom in the sexual abuse, her mother said, “It’s all your fault, you invite it, so you have fun with this!” Clearly, Amy is angry at her mom for the dysfunctional behavior. But moreover, she blames herself for that abuse and feels unworthy. To overcome this emotional trauma, Amy will likely need to address it directly.

The mainstream will view anorexia as being a psychological distortion of self-image that is certainly attached to bodyweight and food, that is perpetuated by social programming and a perception with the perfect body. And, even though some of the could be true, I have a different perspective about the driving factors. There are, in fact, 2 kinds of anorexia; purging and restrictive. In some cases, several disorder is present such as the purging form which exhibits the characteristics of bulimia and also anorexia. For now, I would like to focus about the restrictive type since that is the context through which anorexia has been mainly portrayed.

Since unfortunately we cannot possess the problem of finding out ways to get fed, our only issue is deciding WHAT to get generally, we will pick something we like. Because, for individuals, meals are so intricately entwined with emotion and mood, it is almost inseparable. Food stimulates us at our core, sending those endorphins and happy chemicals zipping through our systems.

Current answer to overeating addiction is tough. The cure rate because of this disease is less than solution rate for cancer. The reason that the endless array of diets and slimming capsules don’t appear to work is simple. Many individuals with weight problems could have an eating addiction. The traditional approach to fat loss and dieting may well not benefit these people.

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Rideout Health staff join the “Food Insecurity” effort at the local Yuba Sutter Food Bank

Rideout Health staff join the “Food Insecurity” effort at the local Yuba Sutter Food Bank of Marysville Food Bank – Rideout Health Food Insecurity Project

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Another candidate with a Trump connection will challenge Josh Mandel in U S Senate primary

Another candidate with a Trump connection will challenge Josh Mandel in U S Senate primary of Marysville Food Bank – Another candidate with a Trump connection will challenge Josh

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